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Пресс-секретарь одесского мэра уволилась из-за высказываний в "Фейсбуке" : If Ukraine wants to join EU, Ukraine has to learn English as a third language. Tak rozumiesh? Also personally you have to learn how to debate a topic politely. :-)  
2014-07-31 17:35:30

Пресс-секретарь одесского мэра уволилась из-за высказываний в "Фейсбуке" : Learn,Viper! The learning process never hurt anybody yet. :-)  
2014-07-31 17:06:57

Пресс-секретарь одесского мэра уволилась из-за высказываний в "Фейсбуке" : She could of request the logs of her account usage from Facebook and present it as proof of either theory. If she is not willing to do so — this means only one her account was intact and she posted the comment herself.  
2014-07-31 16:28:42

Резервация для ненужных: в одесском доме престарелых доживают свой век ведущие врачи, многодетные матери и герои ВОВ: All of this is true for low income elderly people. They have to pay 1/3 of their SSI/Pension (smallest USA SSI is about $700 monthly + food stamps) for the apartment including utilities. The government subsidies the rest.
However this is not free, all of us, hard working US citizens, pay for this through our tax system. Tax evasion is a federal crime in USA. Approximately 1/3 of our income (depends on income brackets) goes to uncle Sam (AKA USA government) who distributes these moneys to various aspects of country's needs, including this. Not every «babushka» qualifies fro «free» life. Mostly, whoever worked all their life in USA on a decent job won't qualify and will have to pay for their own life needs after retirement. We all save for that throughout our life. And lots of time people who worked all their life, earned their money, payed their taxes will not qualify for the apartments you just saw, there fore they may not have so glorious life style. However «babushki» from post Soviet States are enjoying the «free» life,  without working a day for the country they now live in. And they feel entitled to that and they complain more then Americans, if something goes wrong.
Now, ask yourself and answer honestly, will you be happy to give for example $30, 000 out of $90, 000 of you hard earned annual salary, so part of these $30K will go to provide a worry-free lifestyle for a needy free-loaders? Yes, there is compassion and kindness and such, but I know that 75% of these low income elderly did not work for USA a day in their entire life. At the same rate our Pension/SSI system is spending more then it is receiving due to not only this very fact. So future generation of American retirees isn't guaranteed for pension they earned and contributed to, because it is already spent. Hope this will help you to understand what you saw and build an even better system in your country.  
2014-07-10 00:50:01

В Одессу пришли два лайнера с американскими туристами (фото): What we definitely know is, that you were not welcome there ;-)  
2014-06-25 20:51:06

В Одессу пришли два лайнера с американскими туристами (фото): "американцы всю пенсию получают сразу. вот и есть деньги шикануть" is not true. Government pension (aka social security) is paid once a month and based on average of your "earned" income and "earning" years. We pay SS tax for that. Private pensions and/or 401K investment pension plans, that earners save money into prior to tax withholding, and employer may or may not contribute to, can be taken out in full but it is foolish to do that since the tax would be huge. Generally people draw from those accounts as needed in order to avoid tax on higher income. For the sake of the argument, if one took 1, 000 this year my tax would be much less let pretend 10% while if I take 100, 000 it will be 33%.

The money does not grow in the trees in USA.  
2014-06-25 20:49:24

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): «якщо Україна СТАНЕ ЖЕРТВОЮ АГРЕСІЇ або об'єктом погрози агресією з використанням ядерної зброї»
Nothing like that is not happening and god willing will not. As for providing assistance — USA does that — with financial and intellectual but not active military support. It is not warranted at this time. Again, it is geo-politics, you can yell and curse whatever you want (it seems like you folks can't talk without cursing, judging by most UA originated comments/blogs/posts), it will not help, unless general political situation will change.

President Poroshenko understands that (or he was explained) and trying to reach the order and piece in any possible way, instead of blowing the confrontation out of proportion and to the major war.

On another hand UA existed 23 years, and did not spend any money on military. Whatever was not stolen and sold, was ran down. Why did it take UA citizens and government 23 years to realize that one can't rely on somebody when it comes to defense of their own state? This memorandum was not the reason to dismiss and abandon the army. Just because of incorrect interpretation of the piece of paper, your officials signed?  
2014-06-20 15:39:24

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): This becomes boring and as usual, in these forums, not constructive and abusive. You guys need to learn how to debate without silly "shakozakidateskih" emotions as well as cursing, but using true and verified facts. Please re-read the memorandum and try to understand. It does not say anywhere that USA and US will fight for Ukraine in war against any enemies foreign or domestic without evidence of immediate nuclear threat.…

You can yell whatever you want, it is a foreign politics which will adhere to proper protocols clearly described in the documents.

As for Obama, he is not very popular in US as well for various reasons.  
2014-06-19 15:24:56

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): The key is your first sentence. I remember when I still lived in Odessa, the humanitarian aid was given yo the local hospital. The boxes with medication and such were brought in. The doctors had their first pick, then the nurses, the rest went to the garbage. Later you could see the "humanitarian" medications for sale in the pharmacy kiosks (batiscufs).

As for how Russians called us, we frankly do not care. But lots of Americans (especially mid-west and south states) are not in love with Russians and still view them as an enemy. And their level of life may be extremely poor compared to other parts of America. Heard about "white trash", rednecks and mountain people?
So they would prefer their government to help them first and then to help somebody else. Lots of times I hear from former USSR folks that they think that the $ grow on the streets and the gold can be picked up on the ground in USA. I bet, outside of criminal (white and gray) world, nobody worked as hard in former USSR as you have to work in USA to achieve anything. Yes, our average salaries are higher then Ukrainians but our cost of living is much higher as well. So percentage-wise the average american is not that reach. Household income in the United States — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As for the charity and morals, we help each other, as well as "outsiders" and any other suffered from "disaster" in various ways on the personal, communal, organisational, campaign or government levels. At any given time, there are plenty of fund raising events going on. So do not start with morals, I lived in former USSR and Ukraine for 27 years and know lots about its morals. However, Government level help is the one that causes a lot of second thoughts if it is not a natural disaster or similar acts of god. To help any kind of war after USA's latest and famous Iraq/Iran war is very difficult task to achieve in current political and moral climate. Nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia. To much losses human and financial, plus that war was a response to a direct terrorist act on American soil (yea-yea, the political causes, the oil, the mid-east influence, etc are the secondary or thirtuary factors)  
2014-06-18 14:49:20

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): Right back at you, regarding the history. So far this war touches Ukraine only, while the other one was already several years old, lots of counties folded and USSR was sinking in blood and just started to turn it around when the second front is opened. Only after it was clear that USSR is turning it around and may win the war the second front got opened and USA joined forces.

As a native odessit, I would love for USA to provide the military help, but as a citizen of USA — I do not. And there are vast majority of us supporting this position. I am glad we are able to and providing a financial help. However, more and more of US citizens complain about giving the monetary one as well. We've got a lot of problems on our own and people would like to see them getting addressed before giving money to somebody else.  
2014-06-17 17:00:50

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): The war is imported to Ukraine not only to Odessa. But look at the big picture. The issues with the Russian embassies and consulates can lead to their closing, followed by the end of the diplomatic affairs between Russia and Ukraine. Even if you hate Russia with all your heart, the end of diplomatic affairs means war. Unfortunately Ukraine can't win-win it. It can lose win it with a lot of blood. And do not expect the EU or USA will meddle in this war. The geopolitical situation proves that they won't.  
2014-06-16 23:12:53

Провокацию у российского Генконсульства организовала "Свобода"? (видео): And you know it residing in the USA. News travel that fast?  
2014-06-16 23:04:18

Республика "Привоз": Cute! It is a shame they dumped the «green» party. The environmental question is extreme in «separate the grain from the chaff» questions.  
2014-05-12 23:17:24

9 МАЯ – ДЕНЬ ПОБЕДЫ НАРОДА, А НЕ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХ И ПАРТИЙНЫХ НАЧАЛЬНИКОВ!: This is what my parents and my husband told me about the 70s.

As for memory, former Soviet Union remembered and honored men and women who gave their lives during WWII only for the "show off". My mom was born in 1942 in evacuation, her dad, a Jew, a communist, a commissar, went MIA defending the Sevastopol. My mom and grandma did not receive any kind assistance from the government, with exception of possibility to return to their Odessa communal apartment that was already occupied by somebody else when they return from evacuation. Please light the candle for him…  
2014-05-10 00:45:54

9 МАЯ – ДЕНЬ ПОБЕДЫ НАРОДА, А НЕ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХ И ПАРТИЙНЫХ НАЧАЛЬНИКОВ!: Where did you find such a безработный that can afford all of that? On Brighton Beach? That is not America. That is little USSR stuck in the seventies. You also forgot to describe the fur coats that the former USSR безработныe  ladies sweep the streets of Brighton Beach.  
2014-05-10 00:26:32

9 МАЯ – ДЕНЬ ПОБЕДЫ НАРОДА, А НЕ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫХ И ПАРТИЙНЫХ НАЧАЛЬНИКОВ!: this is pure demagogue and I do not think that this «Настоящий враг человека труда  не китаец или азербайджанец, не мусульманин или иудей, не [западенецk или [донецкийk! « was in original text of 2009.  
2014-05-10 00:20:02

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: One sentence is the key to solving most of the problems "И на противоположное мнение нельзя отвечать насилием". Ukrainian people have to lean how to debate the issues. Look at the social media posts coming after the articles of any resource. It is not a discussion, dispute or debate. It is racist slur, cursing and foul language. Nothing will be accomplished this way. You have to lean to listen to your opponent and debate the issue if you do not agree, but not curse or even worse kill him. The violence is what brought you to this day. It has to end. And yes, I understand the situation is already beyond the point of return in some cases, but do not create new ones. Start a healthy discussion…  
2014-05-09 01:23:26

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: Given, Monja is a jerk. But what does your comment say about you? That is the problem in this country, if somebody expresses the view that does not line up with yours, you turn on 180 and either yell a racist slur or curse. Killing is the next. Stop and think. Learn how to debate an issue without killing each other. The antisemitism as a fascism is not accepted anywhere in modern world.  
2014-05-09 01:12:10

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: Sure and everybody is entitled to their own opinion, as I stated in my post.  
2014-05-09 00:59:00

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: Do not assume that I did not read any history about my native city. If you are referring to the fact that Ekaterina II founded Odessa, I can tell you that she did not do it on the empty spot. There was old Odessos (Greek), and even more others there before she came. So I can call it Greek City as much as you call it Russian. But we never called it either. We called it Free City.  
2014-05-09 00:57:50

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: You are entitled to your own opinion. But lot's of people, including yours truly, would not agree with you.  
2014-05-09 00:44:33

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: Monja,

As you can see, I did not forget any languages since I commented on the article and now dignifying with this response your immature post. I type in English way faster then in Russian. It is a hassle for me to type in Russian.

I am not gay, I am a Jew from Odessa. Nobody banned me from anything. See my post on Yahoo under World Citizen handle.

As a Jew from Moldova (judging by your face and handle) what business do you have by prosecuting gays anyway? Didn't you forget pogroms and massive antisemitism in your republic? They prosecuted Jews for their religious belief, now you are trying to do so for the people of specific sexual orientation?

Shame on you!!!  
2014-05-09 00:40:57

Обыкновенное зверство: почему стало возможным 2 мая: Guys,
1. I was born in Odessa and lived most of my life there till 1997. I never heard an expression Odessa is Russian city. Porto Franco, free city, hero city, multinational city yes, but not Russian.

2. This article has a strong lopsided political message, while trying to appeal to the higher morals of humanity. I would expect better judgement from the publishers.  
2014-05-09 00:10:01

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